LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

“Saying Goodbye”

One of my favorite quotes from J.M Barrie is “Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.” This quote is not located in the book or any of the movies, although it is said that Barrie mentioned in one of his interviews. Since Peter Pan was a big success it became really famous.


 Peter Pan was one of my favorite movies and books to read when I was a child. Sometime I still believe I am Peter Pan because I do not want to grow up. Seeing the people in my life that I care for growing older and passing is difficult for me.When Barrie used this quote I can imagine Peter Pan saying it to Wendy because he loves her and she is leaving him to go back to her normal life and he does not want to forget her. It is hard for Peter Pan to never grow up because he will never grow old with Wendy. New people surround Peter every century and he will have to forget all of these people because they will leave him and he will continue to be the same age.Wendy does not want to forget about the boy she loves. She is the only one in her family who truly believes, though she tells herself not to. The mention of the quote was more exposed to the public after the Peter Pan movie made in 2003. The audience believes that Barrie was feeling this way during his time when he wrote Peter Pan and the director of the movie wanted to show the world the meaning of goodbye once again. Wendy expresses naïve adoration for Peter Pan as soon as they meet. She is honest to herself in the book and the movies. We all know that she has to grow up at some point and Peter refuses to do this. Wendy will have to accept the virtues of adulthood and return to London but now she believes in fairies. When Wendy Grew Up: An Afterthought was an epilogue to the play Peter Pan it was written by Barrie in response to questions he received about what happened to Wendy when she grew up after she said goodbye. Wendy now has a daughter named Jane and she is grown up with a family and married. When Peter Pan comes back to see his love he realizes that Wendy is not that little girl he thought she would have been. Now Peter Pan realizes the meaning of letting go and he decided to take her daughter to Neverland. Wendy trusted him and believed that her daughter would make the same choices as she did to have the experiences that would bring out her more adult side. The same thing that happened to Wendy will happen to Jane, Jane’s daughter, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This story will repeat consecutively until Peter grows and learns how to finally say goodbye. Barrie use Peter Pan in his book so children believe in fairies and can visit Neverland where everything imaginary is possible.  





Self Believe

Self-Sufficiency is the predominant theme in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The Tim Woodman, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly lion all possess strong qualities but they fail to recognize it. In this amazing trip in the Land of Oz the 3 of them will realize the power of friendship with the help of Dorothy. In the adventure when they come to a wide ditch the cowardly lion volunteer to try to jump over it. If he can make it, that was his first reason to jump all of them across safely. Discussing the possibility of falling the cowardly lion mentions in the book, “I am terribly afraid of falling, myself. . . but I suppose there is nothing to do but try it”. Here we observe an act of courage that the lion is not realizing but he is feeling it. The Scarecrow lacks a brain and he desires above all else to have one. Also, he just do not want a brain but this character is scared of getting on fired. He is kind of ignorant because he does not recognize that he is only two days old. He seek for a new brain and he finally get it from the Wizard of OZ. His new brain is made out of bran, pins and needles. If we all noticed the wizard is using a placebo effect as he is been the most intelligent of the travelers all along. Using this placebo effect makes the scarecrow realize that he is not stupid at all but adroit. His desire for a brain notably contrasts with the Tim Woodman’s desire for a heart. Here we observe how these two wonderful characters debate between the relative importance of the mind and the emotions. They both believe they do not have either of these qualities. The Tin man is looking for love because apparently he does not have a heart. He was not able to fall in love with the girl he loved because he is replaced with a prosthetic limb. Another placebo effect is used by the wizard when he gives the Tin Man a heart made of velvet and filled with sawdust. However, this is enough to make the Tin Man happy but even without a heart he is the most tenders and have the more emotional feelings. He gives love to his friends and always tries to be sweet around them. When he accidentally crushes a beetle it remained in his conscious for the rest of the book. He claims the he must be careful about such little things like this and we can conclude that people with no heart do not need such care. These 3 characters they all believe in something and it was the help of the wizard to change themselves. In reality they all possessed these aspects of themselves, they just needed to believe in themselves and search deeper within themselves to find what is was they wanted and they finally did by the end of the book. Image

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Alice in Wonderland book vs movie.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has different reviews from his book and the movie. Here is a picture of the first book that came out in 1865.


Here is a picture of the first movie that was made by Disney in 1951.


It is hard to said that Peter Pan or the Wizard of Oz was influenced by this novel but we can see that Alice in Wonderland is a piece of nonsense that has become important in literature and influence in some cultures. The visual adaptation in the first movie created in 1951 stays the basic wonderland stories but it also incorporates several elements of the looking glass story that we will be reading for next week. As you read the Alice throw the looking glass you will realize and visualize some common characteristics from both stories that are the same. This happen in the movie too!

In the book Alice has two defines characteristics. She is imaginative and curious. These awesome characteristics make her perfect to lead us in this bizarre world of wonders. In the book she gives herself good advices but she almost never follows them. In the movie the same thing happens, she is singing a song about following her own advices but she almost never follows them. Alice emotions are really strong in this song and she cries because she does not know what to do about the world. Everything that surround her makes nonsense for her and she is confused. Here we see a connection between the movie and the book having similar characteristics.

In the movie she goes throw more a lot of emotional problems and I do not think this relates to a kid at all but in the book is less emotional. The point of Alice in the end is what her imagination can do. All this characters that she creates in her dream is hard for someone to do. Alice sisters get jealous because when she told her story to her siblings they are impressed by her active imagination. Lewis Carroll closes the book with some point about never losing your imagination.

The Disney movie ends like the book about Alice waking up but the point of never losing your imagination is not emphasize quite wells. She just goes and grabs tea with her nanny and she wakes up quite traumatize because the whole wonderland world is chasing her. I believe the book is way better than the movie because in the book she seem like she can control more herself than in the movie.

The imaginary world from both the movie and the book is horrible. In the book some chapter does not even make sense and the suicidal of the cards that the queen command to do, while in the movie it is the same. The movie have different structures but does not show the suicidal of the deck of cards when the queen decide to kill some of her own cohorts.

I was doing some research of Alice in Wonderland and according to some articles Lewis Carroll inspiration for writing Alice came from bizarre hallucinations that he experienced. This was apparently because of severe migraines. This makes a lot of sense because of the nonsense of the world he created in his book but I will suggest more research into this.

Here is the article:

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The Princess and the Goblin

The Princess and the Goblin is a children fantasy book by George MacDonald although it was primarily for children, the fantasy in the story delight readers of all ages. A lot of people love the story because of it suspense, magic, adventures and the wonder of it worlds.

Irene the little princess decides to take action because of the arrogance and ignorance of her King Papa. Her king Papa remains oblivions that the children of the Kingdom have gone missing. Together with her grandmother, her best friend Curdie, and a little bit of faith, Irene ventures deep into the underworld to rescue the forgotten children in the Kingdom of the goblins. This story proves that faith can triumph over any evil manner. The princess Irene frees the children and teaches the adults a lesson about humility and forgiveness.

A fun fact about this movie is that it was based off a ballet.

Curdie one of the main character acts with a lot of confidence. I love how Curdie is a calm character because no matter how bad things may see he gives you a spiritual believes that everything will be fine.

At the beginning of the book when Curdie meet the princess he mentions about the Goblin but the princess has never heard of it and not the people from the castle either. Here it shows that we live in a fantasy world because since they are real in the story the princess father will not believe in her even if she mentions them. Here the books show that the King does not have that much faith at all.

This book has an incredible atmosphere. The world itself looks like a friendly place where the colors are brilliant and the place is friendly but there is dark in some major parts. In some part of the book you feel lonely, happiness and thread but in the moments of heavy dark atmosphere everything seem like silent allowing the world expressing itself in a dangerous position Curdie and Irene found themselves.

When Irene meets her grandmother I did not find it that exited, it just made Irene really happy because she has a magical great great grandmother. However, the relationships between the fathers and their children its totally different in the book. Curdie father is very considerate with him, the books demonstrate this when there are working in their labors and his father tells him to take a rest while Irene father is always away and never there for her.

Curdie is the first one to discover the Goblin world. The goblins living in the underground must be sad for them because they are miserable down there. Everything is dark and no light or beautiful nature creations but only rocks. It must be sad to live in the underworld if it is like the book describes it. The goblins in the book seem like irritating, frustrated and grating.

This book is interested because it shows how powerful a little Princess can be with the help of her friend Cudie and her grandmother.





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introduction. Jose Cardona

Hello you guys in the literature children class, my name is Jose Adner Cardona Sofia. The reason I am taking this class is because I am fascinated about children and how they are not corrupted in their minds. I came from Cuba 8 years ago and my goal is to go to Medical School. I would like to be a Cardiologist Pediatrician and I am currently working at Shands Hospital in the Pediatrician Department. I will be graduating this semester and staying one year working on a Research project related to heart diseases. I will do it for one year and hopefully after the year is over I will be going to Medical School. I like Old School Music; I listen to 70s and 80s music all the time. I am an open person and easy to get along with. The reason I want to be a doctor and work with kids is because I felt that I grew up too early. I live in this country with my father and the rest of my family resides in Cuba. I have had to work since I was 12 and make myself independent. If you have any questions or want to get to know me just come and talk to me.

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