LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature


Group A

Bartmess Amanda N

Broatch Alexander H

Cardona Jose Adner

Clayton Phillip T

Clow Sarah M

Conage Shanequa S

Costello David M

Davis Abigail M

Elkins Kerry M

Ferro Jessica M

Fining Brittany K

Galloway Kenna L

Garcia Victoria E

Georges Nicole M

Gonzalez Michael R

Griffin Kevin M

Gugliemino Bethany L

Halak Heather


Group B

Haley Alexandra R

Kamauf Daniel

Kifah Athena S

Klager Joanna M

Leshansky Lauren S

Mejia Sandra M

Murphy Patrick J

Nesvacil Kaley N

Paik Christina S

Pak Jee Won

Paneque Cristina M

Pirkkala Aaron P

Roddenberry Sarah S

Smith Cody P

Troilo Emily H

Woodcock Catherine E

Zelinski Alexa R


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