LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Grade Rubric

Introductory Blog Post

Points Requirements
5 Blog is posted on time, is error free, polished and carefully proofread.
5 Blog responds to the introductory post’s prompts, effectively introducing themselves to the class.  Students are not required to address every question covered in the assignment, but should answer enough to paint a full picture for the class.
5 Blog includes the following elements: image, category designations, tags, paragraph breaks, and at least one link.  Each of these elements is required in order to ensure students know how to use these blog elements and encourage students to use these elements in future posts.
15 points possible

Regular Blog Posts

Points Requirements
10 Entry is posted on time, addresses one of the posted blog prompts, meets minimum length requirement (300-500 words), is categorized and tagged with appropriate information, including assignment number (Blog 1 etc.) and prompt tag (Classic, close reading etc.)
15 Entry is error free, polished, and demonstrates familiarity with blog style and formatting, including attention to visual rhetoric, audience appeal and unique blog elements (images, links, tags).
15 Entry advances new, independent, and in-depth analysis of the text, textbook, or class discussions. Entries that simply re-hash ideas discussed in class without adding independent or new analysis cannot receive full credit.
40 points possible


Points Requirements
5 Comment(s) are present, meets minimum requirements (1 comment of 200 words OR 2 comments of 100 words each)
5 Comment(s) are error free, polished and responds to the original poster’s blog. Students may disagree with each other, but comments should be respectful and follow the rules of classroom decorum.
10 Comment(s) advance the conversation, adding more than a simple agree/disagree. Comment(s) may include additional evidence, a counter-argument, a different way of approaching the argument laid out in the original post etc. A comment that simply summarizes another blog post or comments made in class cannot receive full credit.
20 points possible

Bibliography from Presentation

Points Requirements
50-40 Contains at least 5 sources
Sources are all high quality, academic, peer-reviewed
All sources are properly cited in MLA format
All 5 sources are referenced in the presentation
Bibliography demonstrates thorough research completed for presentation
Posted on class blog prior to presentation by 1 group member
39-25 Contains 4 sources
Most sources are high quality, academic, peer reviewed with one or two exceptions
MLA format is attempted, with minor errors: overall consistent citations
Some of the sources are referenced in presentation
Bibliography demonstrates that some shallow research was completed for presentation
Posted on the blog the same day as (but after) presentation
24-0 Contains fewer than 3 or fewer sources
Sources are unreliable, insubstantial or Wikipedia (or equivalent).
Sources are not cited in MLA format.
Sources are not referenced in presentation, unclear where information in presentation came from
Bibliography demonstrates virtually no research done for presentation
Posted after the date of the presentation = 0

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