LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

introduction. Jose Cardona

on January 13, 2013 8:18pm

Hello you guys in the literature children class, my name is Jose Adner Cardona Sofia. The reason I am taking this class is because I am fascinated about children and how they are not corrupted in their minds. I came from Cuba 8 years ago and my goal is to go to Medical School. I would like to be a Cardiologist Pediatrician and I am currently working at Shands Hospital in the Pediatrician Department. I will be graduating this semester and staying one year working on a Research project related to heart diseases. I will do it for one year and hopefully after the year is over I will be going to Medical School. I like Old School Music; I listen to 70s and 80s music all the time. I am an open person and easy to get along with. The reason I want to be a doctor and work with kids is because I felt that I grew up too early. I live in this country with my father and the rest of my family resides in Cuba. I have had to work since I was 12 and make myself independent. If you have any questions or want to get to know me just come and talk to me.


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