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Alice in Wonderland book vs movie.

on February 14, 2013 2:36pm

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll has different reviews from his book and the movie. Here is a picture of the first book that came out in 1865.


Here is a picture of the first movie that was made by Disney in 1951.


It is hard to said that Peter Pan or the Wizard of Oz was influenced by this novel but we can see that Alice in Wonderland is a piece of nonsense that has become important in literature and influence in some cultures. The visual adaptation in the first movie created in 1951 stays the basic wonderland stories but it also incorporates several elements of the looking glass story that we will be reading for next week. As you read the Alice throw the looking glass you will realize and visualize some common characteristics from both stories that are the same. This happen in the movie too!

In the book Alice has two defines characteristics. She is imaginative and curious. These awesome characteristics make her perfect to lead us in this bizarre world of wonders. In the book she gives herself good advices but she almost never follows them. In the movie the same thing happens, she is singing a song about following her own advices but she almost never follows them. Alice emotions are really strong in this song and she cries because she does not know what to do about the world. Everything that surround her makes nonsense for her and she is confused. Here we see a connection between the movie and the book having similar characteristics.

In the movie she goes throw more a lot of emotional problems and I do not think this relates to a kid at all but in the book is less emotional. The point of Alice in the end is what her imagination can do. All this characters that she creates in her dream is hard for someone to do. Alice sisters get jealous because when she told her story to her siblings they are impressed by her active imagination. Lewis Carroll closes the book with some point about never losing your imagination.

The Disney movie ends like the book about Alice waking up but the point of never losing your imagination is not emphasize quite wells. She just goes and grabs tea with her nanny and she wakes up quite traumatize because the whole wonderland world is chasing her. I believe the book is way better than the movie because in the book she seem like she can control more herself than in the movie.

The imaginary world from both the movie and the book is horrible. In the book some chapter does not even make sense and the suicidal of the cards that the queen command to do, while in the movie it is the same. The movie have different structures but does not show the suicidal of the deck of cards when the queen decide to kill some of her own cohorts.

I was doing some research of Alice in Wonderland and according to some articles Lewis Carroll inspiration for writing Alice came from bizarre hallucinations that he experienced. This was apparently because of severe migraines. This makes a lot of sense because of the nonsense of the world he created in his book but I will suggest more research into this.

Here is the article:


One response to “Alice in Wonderland book vs movie.

  1. I confess that I’m typically really partial to the Disney versions of classic stories, but in this case, I’d have to agree with you that the book is better. Disney combines elements of both Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, such as when he chooses to include Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee and the poem they recite about the walrus and the carpenter. I thought that that part was unnecessary and long in both the novel and the movie, but at least in the novel it was part of a larger scene in context versus the even more nonsensical Disney version. The nonsense is prevalent through both versions of the story but I, as well, strongly felt that the novel was better because of the context and the added scenes that the movie leaves out.

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