LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

The Princess and the Goblin

on January 31, 2013 2:37pm

The Princess and the Goblin is a children fantasy book by George MacDonald although it was primarily for children, the fantasy in the story delight readers of all ages. A lot of people love the story because of it suspense, magic, adventures and the wonder of it worlds.

Irene the little princess decides to take action because of the arrogance and ignorance of her King Papa. Her king Papa remains oblivions that the children of the Kingdom have gone missing. Together with her grandmother, her best friend Curdie, and a little bit of faith, Irene ventures deep into the underworld to rescue the forgotten children in the Kingdom of the goblins. This story proves that faith can triumph over any evil manner. The princess Irene frees the children and teaches the adults a lesson about humility and forgiveness.

A fun fact about this movie is that it was based off a ballet.

Curdie one of the main character acts with a lot of confidence. I love how Curdie is a calm character because no matter how bad things may see he gives you a spiritual believes that everything will be fine.

At the beginning of the book when Curdie meet the princess he mentions about the Goblin but the princess has never heard of it and not the people from the castle either. Here it shows that we live in a fantasy world because since they are real in the story the princess father will not believe in her even if she mentions them. Here the books show that the King does not have that much faith at all.

This book has an incredible atmosphere. The world itself looks like a friendly place where the colors are brilliant and the place is friendly but there is dark in some major parts. In some part of the book you feel lonely, happiness and thread but in the moments of heavy dark atmosphere everything seem like silent allowing the world expressing itself in a dangerous position Curdie and Irene found themselves.

When Irene meets her grandmother I did not find it that exited, it just made Irene really happy because she has a magical great great grandmother. However, the relationships between the fathers and their children its totally different in the book. Curdie father is very considerate with him, the books demonstrate this when there are working in their labors and his father tells him to take a rest while Irene father is always away and never there for her.

Curdie is the first one to discover the Goblin world. The goblins living in the underground must be sad for them because they are miserable down there. Everything is dark and no light or beautiful nature creations but only rocks. It must be sad to live in the underworld if it is like the book describes it. The goblins in the book seem like irritating, frustrated and grating.

This book is interested because it shows how powerful a little Princess can be with the help of her friend Cudie and her grandmother.






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