LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Me, Myself, and Michael: Introduction

on January 13, 2013 6:45pm

for introduction

Hello fellow classmates! Some people call me…  Michael Gonzalez although most people don’t use my full name and just call me Michael. I am a junior at the University of Florida (shocker on that second part I’m sure) and am currently enrolled in the Classics Major. Hopefully soon, when I finish up my application, I’ll be accepted to double Major in English though I’m unsure about my “focus” since I enjoy writing creative works. A fun fact about me is that in 2011 I wrote a nano during NaNoWriMo. I am also a Hispanic who was born and raised in suburban Miami, and true to the stereotype, I am Cuban. Furthermore, I am also Jewish, though I’ve been told I don’t look it but I didn’t really know that there is a distinctive “Jewish” look but oh well.

I decided to sign up for Golden Age of Children’s Literature on the recommendation of Professor John Cech with whom I took “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” last semester. I’m taking this course because I am interested in Children’s literature as well as working towards my intended English Degree. For this class I am looking forward to reading Winnie the Pooh as well as Peter Pan.

My idea of “Children’s Literature” entails any book that was either intended to be read by young children or any book, through rabid spread in popularity or other reasons, come to be read by children. I have never taken a children’s literature course though I have taken several courses, like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, that could be construed as children’s literature. My favorite children’s title must be the Harry Potter series because of nostalgia, enjoyment, and how I can place my love of literature squarely on my reading the first two books. Finally, I feel that the term “Golden Age” applies to the era that we would place in the classic literature section of the bookstore in the exercise we performed in class.


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