LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Hi, I’m NOT Peter Pan, But I AM Aaron Peter P.

on January 12, 2013 4:35pm

Hello there,

I’m Aaron of course; Aaron Peter P.; Aaron Pirkkala; but they all mean close to the same thing: just Me. You may not know Me (and I’m only just now sort of figuring out myself as well), but I will tell you only remotely as to what I have so far discovered:

I am a writer at heart. I adore writing as an escape to all the world’s worries and woes, allowing my quirky imagination to run its daily exercise (though, in doing so, I myself haven’t exercised in forever).

Anyways, so I love to write–not the biggest of surprises, as we are all in a children’s literature class, which takes me to my next point…

I’m not an avid reader. The only time in my life when reading was prevalent and routine was in 5th grade, due to a competition that my 5th grade teacher held for the class–and this fellow classmate of mine who loved and loved to read and read all day was taking all the glory (and stubborn Me cannot suffice to being outsmarted and outnumbered [competition was based on the conglomerate of pages read] by someone in my age-group, my grade-level, and in my class). So I battled her for many nights and days on end. Words began to slip upon words, sentences began tripping on other sentences–sometimes skipping to lines and lines below, and pages would somehow leave splinters upon my tongue. But I didn’t care, and in the end… I think I won? Or we both came close–I’m not sure. But I use this example in order for you to understand that: I am both stubborn and hard headed, for I will read only when forced to (even if I am being forced to read voluntarily for a class-held competition).

Don’t be mistaken though, for I do enjoy reading… once again. Only recently upon my attendance to UF, due to the English courses that I’ve been taking, I have regained a once acquainted love for reading–for my Beginning Fiction Writing teacher last semester many times said to me, “It is a shame you do not read! You have so much potential. You write very well!” And with that, I promised him to read to my best potential. By taking the Golden Age to Children’s Literature, I’m going to be forced to read lots and lots: stories that remind me of the childhood days–though, in my childhood I never took the time to read them. Stories of fantasy and far-off adventures that provide humanity with an escape from humanity, and provide children with increasingly cherished childhoods (And I’m quite the child myself).

And so it goes without saying (at least, repeating), that this class will not only force me to read pages and pages of lovely children’s fiction (and once again prevent me from my New Year’s resolution of adequate exercise), but will also aid in my passion for writing, as I intend to be a publishing author of, not only children’s novels, but of novels that everyone in all ranges of age, intelligence, and diversity, as well as all intensities of escape-envy- and story-hungry souls can consume time and time again; better said, to write a masterpiece such as that of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narnia, or The Lord of the Rings would be a career worth creating and a life worth living (within a world worth wondering).

So with that said, you probably know a lot more about me; though, I haven’t quite hit the climax. You see, I have many philosophies. Many many. All appropriate. And all of which I intend to distill throughout future novels that I write. For I fear that too many people live too seriously within the world. Too many people look at tomorrow with pessimism and insecurity and almost always neglect all the great and positive things that are going for them; overlooking what one does in fact have rather than what one lacks. In doing so, people themselves are the cause of many of their own troubles–much of their sadness resulting from their low-down look at the world and their current status as well as their pessimistic perception of what the future has–for them–in store.

Why am I telling you this?

To get to know a bit more about me… I am an optimistic. And one of the main reasons why I wish to be a writer in this lifetime and the next is to convey to others a life worth living within the life they are already living. Beauty almost always goes missed in the world, or will very blindly be treated as “ugly.” And what “ugly” does exist–exists only in the mind of the beholder; the mind of the creator who assumed such “ugliness.”

Anyways, now you know some more about Me–or Aaron Peter P. To sum it up:

  • I’m stubborn
  • I like to write
  • I’m not an avid reader
  • I am taking this class to grow as a reader and writer as well as to expand my imagination
  • One day I shall be a novelist
  • My dream is to construct classics
  • I live primarily for others
  • I have many essentially-positive philosophies in which I live by

Here are some links I treasure

Because the beauty of trees inspires both my imagination and thrill for adventure, here are amazing photographs of leaves and bark, with links to some very exquisite photographs of trees at the very bottom of the page:

Leaves and Bark

And here is a link worth exploring–in all its exoticism. Beautiful and breathtaking birds:

Exotic Birds

Picture time!

Me cleaning up trash on a Ft. Lauderdale beach

Me striking a very epic pose whilst cleaning up trash on a Ft. Lauderdale beach

And this is me attempting to be a Hipster

And this is me attempting to be a Hipster


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