LIT 4334: The Golden Age of Children's Literature

Hi everyone!

on January 11, 2013 9:02pm

My name is Abigail Davis but feel free to call me Abbie. I’m a second year English major and it’s safe to say that I am addicted to books, anywhere I stay for too long inevitably ends up with books stacked on every available surface, not to mention the floor! I’m from Lakeland, Florida where as a child I would go on backyard explorations and frequent trips to Disney. I’m not sure yet what I would like to do after I graduate but for now I’m enjoying trying different things and narrowing down my options.

My main reason for taking this class is that I hope to focus on Children’s literature while I am at UF and after taking Children’s Literature with Professor John Cech last semester I couldn’t wait to take more courses in that area. As a child some of my favorite books to read were Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and any fairy tales I could get my hands on really. I’m looking forward to studying The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Princess and the Goblin this semester, I love the Wizard of Oz movie and I’m interested to make that comparison. I’m hoping to improve my writing skills this semester, as well as my knowledge on the topic. The part of the syllabus that worries the most is the annotated bibliography and the final research paper, besides a senior thesis in high school I’ve never written a research paper so that fazes me a little.

When I think of ‘children’s literature” I generally think of books with brightly colored covers that entertain children, like the books I read as a child. Children’s literature is a fairly broad classification in my opinion. On one level you can have the classic Tom Sawyer, another could have the beloved picture book and yet another could have graphic novels like Maus. I think “Golden Age” refers to a time when children’s literature really flourished and was accepted in society, when people began to care about what their children were reading and that was reflected in the rich books that were published. I would like to know exactly what books can be considered in this age and how they earned the title of  the Golden Age of children’s literature.

Here is a link to a pretty interesting blog I’ve been following for awhile now, Once Upon A Blog. The author has some really cool insights on fairy tales in pop culture though you may have to dig around her site, she hasn’t posted anything new for awhile now. I thought this could be a cool site for anyone who’s interested to poke around on, especially since we’re reading The Classic Fairy Tales. Hope you all enjoy it and I’ll see you in class!

Abigail Davis


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